Morrow, Carla

"I will pull back the curtain to the window of Fantasy. What will you see when you peer though the glass? "~Carla Lee Morrow

I am Carla Morrow, owner and artist of DragonLady Art studio. Using pencil and watercolor I create the images and worlds that exist in my mind, and bring them to the light so that others may share and enjoy the dragons and other creatures that I see.

I have been drawing and coloring for as long as I can remember, and have always been interested in the worlds and creatures that occupy the fantasy realms. While other children were eating their crayons, I was putting mine to the walls, and while they were out playing in their yards and streets I was perfectly happy to sit alone for hours and draw. I can now draw a woman running a marathon much better than I can run one myself. When teachers asked us to draw “what you want to be when you grow up?” I always drew pictures of myself drawing...very M.C. Echer, right? As a child I enrolled in every art class I could, which wasn't many. The few that I did manage to get into I enjoyed to the fullest. I also would sneak BACK into the school building during lunches to play Dungeons and Dragons...2.0, with THACO. None of that "off campus" garbage during lunch for me! I was a uber geek, but at least I wasn't alone.
Once out of high school I attended college, but the strain of wanting to stay home to do art during college parties was too much, and I dropped out quickly to pursue my own study. I have since spent the past few years seeking out all the info I could on painting, drawing, and anatomy studies. Thank goodness for YouTube and “how to Draw” books!

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