McArdle, Thaneeya

I start by drawing a skull outline, then decorate it with my own personal flair - a distinctive, recognizable style of intricately detailed designs, patterns, and vibrant colors. My sugar skull artworks are original designs entirely of my own creation - they are not based on traditional Mexican art or motifs, but rather from the images I conjure up in my mind. Each piece of sugar skull art that I create is a unique creative expression from my imagination combining multiple aspects of my life experience, influences and interests.

My sugar skulls are my most popular genre of art, which is lucky for me because I enjoy creating them. I never run out of ideas for new sugar skull art, because there are an infinite number of possibilities in terms of colors, patterns, shapes and designs. I created my first sugar skull drawing, Rejoicing Quietus, in the autumn of 2005, and it's still one of my most well-known skulls! I drew another one the following year, which I called Rejoicing Quietus II. Since then, I've created a whole bunch of sugar skull drawings and paintings (and wisely started giving them different names), and I've usually got several skulls in progress.

I use a variety of media to create my sugar skull art, including: Prismacolor colored pencils, acrylic paint, black ink pens, watercolor pencils, Photoshop and iPad apps such as iDraw and Procreate. No matter what medium I use, the common denominator amongst all my sugar skull art is DETAIL and (aside from my black & white skulls),

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