Larsen, Ida

Growing up in a highly artistic family, I was always encouraged to read and be creative. One of my two older brothers introduced me to fantasy, and the world of DragonLance. And from then on, my heart belonged to the realms of fantasy. This inspired me to start creating fantasy creatures myself.

I've been creative since I was a child, continuing to draw when my peers stopped, developing my own style ever since. When the internet became available to me at age 17 a whole new world opened up. I got my own computer, bought a digital tablet and pen and began my journey into digital art. My style is called 'Digital Art; Mixed media' - its often combined of photos, 3D renders and digital painting.

Fantasy, nature and mythology are themes that inspire me the most. Dragons, fairies, trolls and elves are creatures of my world. The past years I have also grown very fond of the steampunk genre. I also find inspiration through my travels, we try to travel each summer. Especially the Nordic landscapes I am very fond of, and also the Nordic folklore, mythology and fairytales.

I feel very fortunate to have my art published in various magazines, art book collections & have my prints purchased by art collectors world wide, including most of the 50 American states.

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