Gulinski, Marjolein

"I never studied art at school, so I guess you could call me a ‘Self Taught' artist. I have been drawing fantasy art now for about 7 years, and this has been a favorite pastime of mine while I was growing up. Things that didn’t exist really appealed to me and I found them fascinating! I really enjoyed movies like Labyrinth, The Neverending Story and Back to the Future. When I was younger, and still now, my whole life revolved around Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Later there were more Disney films that really made an impression on me but The Little Mermaid was always my favorite and will always have a special place in my heart. I loved drawing Ariel and drew her so much that I became very good at it!
After this I started marketing myself on the internet and I found many sites about fantasy and fairies and elves. I studied the pictures and learnt a lot from them, and finally began drawing them myself. In the beginning I traced pictures to really get my head around this type of art. I would copy pictures very precisely so as to learn about the colors and how to mix them so that they would be the same as the picture I was copying. I found that in doing this I learnt the most about mixing colors and really got to know my paints this way.
I remember when I started out, I wanted to copy a picture I remembered seeing in a children’s book I used to read of a beautiful girl surrounded by flowers, but no matter how hard I tried the face never turned out right. My mother told me that drawing the face would always be the hardest part and so I practiced drawing faces over and over again. I really give a lot of worth to a ‘perfect’ face, and if the face isn’t good enough then I begin again. When I don’t find a face good enough, other people do and they ask me what is wrong with it, so I answer them. “She doesn’t look at me kindly enough!”
After tracing for a while, I began to create my own pictures, and realized just how difficult it really is. The traced pictures looked a lot better than my own creations. I went from copying perfection to starting anew! I thought many times that nothing would ever come of my own drawings! To bridge the gap of tracing to total original work, I cut out pictures of models in magazines and copied their faces or poses, and then added my own fairy elements. I also used a few elements from artists such as Amy Brown and Stephanie Law, but slowly I began to develop my own fairy elements and colour techniques.

I love drawing fantasy art because I feel that the idea is so happy and uplifting that it can bring light into anyone's world."

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