Dawe, Alexandra

"I have always loved faerie's & been fascinated by them, and the lore that surrounds them. I'm originally from Liverpool. I did an Animation degree at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design, where I graduated in 2000. I'm self employed, I spent 5 years working as a model & props maker on films & tv programs, such as Thomas the Tank Engine, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy & Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (Tim Burton), and many others." - Alexandra Dawe

Alexandra lives in Devon with her husband, two children, 2 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs and Ludo the cat. She's always loved folklore, legend, myth and faerytales, particularly those of Britain and Europe. When she was 14, Alexandra saw the movie "Labyrinth" which began a lifelong love of the artwork of Brian & Wendy Froud (and an eternal crush on David Bowie). The documentary "The Making of Labyrinth" led her to a career making models, props and special effects for TV and films.
After taking a break from films to start a family Alexandra started painting.
"After so many years of reading fantasy and folklore I'm finally trying to get some of the pictures out of my head."

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