Biertempfel, Renee

My art career journey started out in 1992 after graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I started working for a local giftware company that was known for their amazing states metal products. There was nothing better than designing and drawing all day and doing a bit of traveling to trade shows over the years which brought me a lot of experience creating for the giftware industry. Later I branched out and traveled to the city of Pittsburgh to work for a company restoring old vintage photos with traditional airbrush and colored pencils. It was there our art department got into computers and provided us with Photoshop. Trained by my art director I learned Photoshop and then restored old photos digitally. I started learning to paint digitally when at home on weekends and created a lot of fantasy art but didn't share it yet.

In 2003 I learned to create websites and posted some of my fantasy and faery artworks to the site to see what would happen. From there it opened up a whole new world for me. For many years I had the joy of selling prints of my imaginative works of art I also got into licensing my art and selling my traditional created paintings on Ebay. At the same time I was hired by the company I work for now illustrating books digitally from home. I became self employed that was the hallmark of my career.

My life in 2011 took some major twists and turns and for a few years I pulled away to get my life in order and on track. I am happy to say now I am settled where I am meant to be at this time. I have a new and rather wee apartment and studio space but its the most precious thing to me in the world. Currently I am back working for the local publishing company illustrating books again and I have new works as you will see in the new art gallery. For me putting this new sites up and sharing my new works is the completion of a very difficult journey but in the end a lot of positive changes happened. I'm glad to be back creating art again and I am filled with great gratitude everyday.

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