Beard Jr., Ed

Fantasy artist Ed Beard Jr. has been creating dragons, monsters, and just about every image of a creature you could imagine, for over 25 years.

Ed's first international commission came at an early age when he was commissioned by the POPE PAUL VI in 1978 via Cardinal Medeiros of Boston to represent the United States as delegate to the arts. From this commission came many more years of religious works, including a 70' tall cathedral walls and ceilings commission with various religious depictions years later.
Ed also had an illustrious career working as a government official portrait painter to such distinguished people as Carl Albert (speaker of the US House Of Representatives under President Carter), Hubert Humphrey, Vice President of the United States and Senator, and many more.

Ed's true love is his works for RPG magazines, card Games, children’s books and just about anything fantasy game and comic related. With over 1000 published works and hundreds of other interior and cover works as well as a lengthy list of licensed products with Ed’s images on them, ranging from t-shirts, mugs, puzzles, calendars, and more, Ed's art can be found just about anywhere.

Ed is most noted for being one of the few Fantasy Illustrators remaining where all of his works are "Handpainted" using traditional tangible mediums. Ed does not use any digital programs in the creation of his works. All of Ed's originals are "one-of- a-kind" works that you can collect, touch and see, without a computer screen.
32 of Ed's designs have been licensed to Verizon mobile for downloadable wallpaper images. At this point, he is the most downloaded Dragon fantasy artist on mobile networks.

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